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Nano Heated Mug that keeps your hot beverages at the ideal drinkable temperature for 45 mins and keeps charge for 7+ refills


Nano Heated Mug that keeps your hot beverages at the ideal drinkable temperature for 45 mins and keeps charge for 7+ refills

Geeta Bedi

Our Journey

As an engineering consultant over the last 6+ years I have been working with innovators on a global basis helping integrate innovations and technologies into consumer products. During this period, working from home, I would regularly have cups of coffee. As I was working the coffee would get cold after a few sips. I would have to throw the coffee away and leave work to get another cup. Even though I brewed 8-10 cups,most went to waste.

I have tried all different types of mugs, cups and warming plates but they were very inefficient, clumsy and a waste of money. So in late 2013 I started working on a wireless heated coffee mug with a rechargeable battery. After coming up with the concept, I shared it with various coffee/tea drinkers and engineers. They all loved it! 

In Jan 2014 I filed my first provisional patent. In June, I heard of AME and their NANO heater. AME and I collaborated together to design, prototype and validate the wireless coffee mug and heat technology.

During the design process we made multiple revisions and went through two prototype cycles. The biggest challenges were packaging of the rechargeable power cells and design circuitry to control the heating and charging, and integrating the dynamic heating NANO heater technology. Once we had all of the kinks worked out in late 2014 we filed another provisional patent followed by a non-provisional patent for the design and technology integration.    

After this journey we are very proud to bring you a production ready NANO heated mug that will change the way we have been drinking our hot beverages. 

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