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Empowering new technologies and innovations! We are a group of innovators & tech savvy professionals with a long history in engineering, technology & product launches. GreenLama is a platform that strives to help other inventors reach their sales and marketing goals. We give inventors a stage where they can exhibit their inventions and take advantage of our vast reach. For buyers our site can be the one stop shop for new cutting edge technologies.

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GreenLama presents, innovations from around the world that can be a part of your world today.

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VISIN: Visual intelligence enabling safer journeys with increased comfort and visibility

BUMPOUT: The only Bluetooth speaker that's built to go where you go. With the push of a button, BumpOut expands, filling the room with jaw-dropping bass and powerful sound that you would never expect from a speaker the size of your smartphone.

NANO HEATED MUG: Keeps your hot beverages at the ideal temperature

CLOSCA BOTTLE + APP: Innovative and elegant way of drinking water without contributing plastic waste.

RAVEAN HEATED JACKET: The heating system is set to warm your back, chest, and pockets. We make it convenient for you to heat where you need it the most.

18X ZOOM TELEPHOTO PHONE LENS: Telescope Lens is actually a revolutionary way of looking at phone cameras. It has less stray light and clearer image, as well as it can get 18 times as close to the shooting object, with an adjustable zoom.

SMARTCINE: The SmartCine is an all-in-one video rig that’s fit for use with any smartphone! The compact rig is packed full of video enhancing features; the silky-smooth HD Stereo Mic, Lens Mount, which offers the option of using both wide-angle and fish-eye lenses. LEDs that are positioned around the camera lens.

MOTIV RING: Wearable health & fitness technology that's got you covered

SMARTER FRIDGE CAM: recognises new items inside your fridge. Now you can always see what you need, wherever you are and buy what you need, when you need it.

TC1200 PRO FLASHLIGHT: Military grade flashlight now available for your home

RING DOORBELL: Expect prompt alerts whenever a visitor rings the doorbell, or if its built-in motion sensor detects nearby activity. If you want a battery-powered smart doorbell, the Ring 2 is the right answer.