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What is the best drinkable temp for my hot beverages and how do I keep them there?

Geeta Bedi

So when we get our coffee or tea it is usually poured at a temperature of 185F-190F degrees .  Too hot to drink.  The ideal temperature for drinking is 155F degrees!  There is a steam effect that happens as you pour the beverage.  Instantly some of the heat leaves the beverage, as steam is released while pouring.  After which the temp keeps dropping and doesn't stop at the optimal 155F degrees.  SO UNFORTUNATE!!!

Well don't deal with that anymore.  The Nano Heated mug keeps your beverage at the perfect drinkable temperature for 45 minutes after it is poured.  This heated mug is wireless so extremely travel friendly.  If you are a 6-8 cup per day coffee/tea drinker like me you are in luck as I charge my cup at night and have the charge last all day for 6-8 cups.  Also, I never have to worry about turning it off as it automatically turns off after 30 minutes to save that charge all day.

We are bring this innovative and cutting edge mug to you.  Come support us on Kickstarter week of March 30th.

Nano heated mug making your daily routine more convenient, simple and green!