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You’ve gone tech forward – why hasn’t your coffee mug?


You’ve gone tech forward – why hasn’t your coffee mug?

Geeta Bedi

Don’t you just hate having to drink hot beverages that have gone lukewarm/cold? Let’s face it: the best part of the hot beverage is always the first few sips and it’s basically impossible to enjoy a full hot mug of tea or coffee unless you drink it all up quickly – but where’s the fun in that? Sure, you can try heating plates or electric wired mugs, but they limit you to a space and you can’t enjoy a hot beverage on the go…and we all know how environmental UNfriendly disposable cups are, so what’s the solution to this mundane yet annoying situation? The answer: The Nano Heated Wireless Mug.

The Nano Heated Wireless Mug is the solution for all coffee, tea, and other hot beverages’ lovers. It keeps your beverage hot at the ideal drinkable temperature for 45 minutes, wirelessly. This means you can take it around AND it’s environmental friendly.

Created by Design HMI, LLC and Green Lama, LLC, chargeable nano heat technology is the running fuel behind this innovative product. With a long lasting charge, you can enjoy up to 8 cups of your beverage before needing to recharge. The Nano Heated Wireless Mug solves all the problems keeping your drink hot without being tied to a cord or a particular place. It can go wherever you go, charge easily with a USB cable anywhere.

Efficient. Green. Forward. Convenient. And hot – just how you like it.

This Mug is your answer to saying goodbye to heating plates and wired heating mugs that restrict your mobility, disposable cups that can’t keep your beverage hot and harm the environment and save you the trouble of reheating and having to endure the bland taste that occurs after reheating. Enjoy in your office, home, or anywhere else – a hot drink you truly enjoy, without having to chug it down quickly.


The Nano Heated Wireless Mug uses patented nano heat technology and has a capacity of 14 – 16 oz. The mug features a minimalist design with an insulated lid and stainless steel interior, with an On/Off button on the exterior, with a blue lighted ring as indicator, which turns flashing red to indicate low battery (25% and less).

The cup is wireless, only requiring electric charge before use through the included USB charger. The charges lasts for 7+ refills and maintains one serving hot or 45 minutes. Drink is kept hot at the drinkable temperature of 145F (63o C) to 155F (68o C). Mug turns off automatically at 30 minutes to preserve power.

Everything is thought through by the innovators behind the Mug. You simply enjoy your hot drink.