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Introducing the revolutionary dish and plate place mats that keep your food at the "IDEAL" eating temperature

"THE-M" Revolution

Thermal Mat

Say YES to...

→ wire-less, no batteries and no recharging
→ cutting edge design
→ dishwasher safe
→ keeps food at ideal eating temperature
→ easy to store
→ never having to reheat while dining

Maintains a dish or plate of food at >150 degrees (the ideal eating temperature) Fahrenheit for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour


The Outlast® Phase Change Materials is a heat managing technology that is safe, non-toxic and renewable. Originally developed for NASA, to help balance temperature fluctuations in space, Outlast is integrated into the gel pad of TheM.  This helps TheM Place Mats achieve optimum temperature management. 



  • Octagon shape

  • 8” wide

  • Octagon shape make mats buildable into center pieces & for larger dishes

  • The upper layer will have high-end finish for good heat transfer

  • Base will be insulated

  • Utilizes Outlast® Phase Change Technology

We look forward to your attention and review a better way of eating with TheM Place Mats.

Outlast Heat Management

  • A PCM gel pad was developed that improves the heat retention by 52% above 150oF and provides for ~163 minutes above 140oF.
  • The PCM pad is microwavable and freezable.
  • The PCM pad maintains flexibility at temperatures where the PCM is solidified.
  • The PCM is “green”, sustainable, GRAS and food approved.
  • The PCM can be integrated into the current pad and mfg. process.