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Let's not drink coffee/tea gone cold anymore


Let's not drink coffee/tea gone cold anymore

Geeta Bedi

Tired of filling your cup or mug with a hot beverage for it to only get cold or nuke warm in under 10 minutes?  Being a huge coffee and tea drinker this has been such a point on contention for me.  Having to get up and get new cup, getting interrupted while working or having to walk back and forth from my desk to the coffee room... on and on.  I have bought all sorts of heating plates, mugs, wired mugs with no avail.  Either they don't heat properly, break, or are not portable.

That is why when I heard of this new heat technology that is integrated into a mug I was ecstatic.  Not only does the Nano heated mug keep my coffee at the perfect drinkable temperature for 45 minutes, it is wireless and keeps it charge for 6-8 cups of coffee (so no need to re-charge).  It also automatically turns off after 30 minutes so no charge is wasted.   

Don't take my word for it.  Try it yourself and it will literally change the way you have been drinking your hot beverages.