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Empowering new technologies and innovations! We are a group of innovators & tech savvy professionals with a long history in engineering, technology & product launches. GreenLama is a platform that strives to help other inventors reach their sales and marketing goals. We give inventors a stage where they can exhibit their inventions and take advantage of our vast reach. For buyers our site can be the one stop shop for new cutting edge technologies.

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GreenLama presents, innovations from around the world that can be a part of your world today.

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NANO HEATED MUG: Keeps your hot beverages at the ideal temperature

CLOSCA BOTTLE + APP: Innovative and elegant way of drinking water without contributing plastic waste.

MOTIV RING: Wearable health & fitness technology that's got you covered

SMARTER FRIDGE CAM: recognises new items inside your fridge. Now you can always see what you need, wherever you are and buy what you need, when you need it.