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Color Adjust 95% CRI White Light Modules – Auto & Home

Design HMI Next Generation Dome Lamp for Auto and Home with Smart Color Tuning Light Module offering you White Light color temperature that best suits your needs or time of day.

White Light Color Tuning from Warm (2000K) to Cold (5500K) with dimming capability. Target 95% of Natural Light Spectrum to provide illumination based on natural light and adjustable to time of day and different interior fabric / trim color renderings.


The target here is to achieve CRI Index at all temperature settings of 95% to 97% between color temperature setting of 2000K to 5500K.

Design HMI has completed concept design phase. Final production intent prototype will have two designs:

  • In car Pick and Place Dome Light application – intensity 55 Lumens.
  • Ideal for autonomous vehicles on long drives.
  • Table light – intensity 150 to 250 Lumens.
  • Five color temperature settings.
  • All concepts to be wireless with 8-hour life rechargeable battery life.
  • Wireless controller to turn light ON / OFF, adjust color and lighting intensity.
  • Table Light module to be designed to integrate with standard off the shelf lamp shades.

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DesignHMI Confidential - Patent Pending