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MESAY-20 Languages Smart Voice Translator

Young people are desiring to escape the familiar surroundings temporarily and start a travel without plan to relax themselves; businessmen wish to expand their business all over the world to gain more wealth; while the singles are so open-minded than before that they never limit their relationships to a country.

However, all of this can never be achieved unless you master the target language. The problem is whether you are willing to spend so much time and energy to learn a foreign language before you start your trip. Don’t worry, you have Mesay now.

Mesay is the most handy portable translation machine in the worldWeighs only 0.1 pound, but makes simultaneous translation between 17 languages possible. It uses artificial intelligence to translate between 17 languages, with each translation costs no more than 2 seconds and 90% accuracy is assured.

Translation between English and other 15 languages is supported, so does Chinese.